Bon Appetit: Ravenous Revisited 20 Years Later


Where every anniversary is a scream! Perhaps it’s what was on the menu – satire and cannibalism, two genres that aren’t often ordered by hungry theater goers – that made director Antonia Bird’s crimson-caked western, Ravenous, so unappetizing at the tale end of the 1990’s. A stuffed game hen cooked hellishly rare over the crackle […]


Lords of Chaos: A Violent Travesty

In tackling the burgeoning Norwegian Black Metal scene of the mid-80's, director and ex-Bathory drummer, Jonas Akerlund, establishes that his latest film, Lords of Chaos, is "based on truth, lies and what actually happened." A rather broad and perplexing case from a film, based on the semi-fictional book of the same name, that captures the … Continue reading Lords of Chaos: A Violent Travesty

Cold Skin (2018), directed by Xavier Gens

Life is a series of patterns, repetitiously ingrained in our lives until they become muscle memory. We wake, we eat, we tread to work and we eventually sleep. It comprises our lives to the point of consumption, our only defense being the acute awareness of its devouring mandibles. Minutes turn to hours, hours to days, … Continue reading Cold Skin (2018), directed by Xavier Gens

The 25 Hottest Vampires in Film, Ranked

As the year comes to a close, I'd be remiss if I didn't commemorate the anniversary of two wildly popular films - Marvel’s 1998 comic book adaptation Blade and 2008’s sparkle-motion phenomenon Twilight. One re-popularized the R-rated superhero film (often attributed to Dolph Ludgren’s turn as Frank Castle in 1991's The Punisher) while the other - … Continue reading The 25 Hottest Vampires in Film, Ranked